Play Video Poker Online: Practice Makes Perfect Wining Players!

video poker

Video poker, in simple terms, is just another form of the conventional card game, which can be played on your computer without appearing at the casino table. Most online poker supports five card draw poker and bears some similarities with slot machine poker games. The major difference, aside from the calmer real life setting, is the fact that with video poker, players are pitted against a machine instead of a live dealer. The benefits of this dissimilarity are enormous: players can concentrate on one strategy and play more games in one single session when they don’t have to deal with human competitors.

Practice and Probability

Players who play video poker online are wise enough to use the free games available at many web-based casinos as practice sessions. The first benefit of this is that it allows players to get used to each betting interface as well the each website’s rules. With video poker, each variant that is being played has its own rules, but even if there are similar rules on different sites, the betting procedures could be a bit different, so practice is crucial. It’s normal to take to the assumption that being in possession of the best combination of five cards compared to what’s in the hand of the dealer is the aim and goal of any online poker game. In the quest to have pairs such as flushes, a full house, straights or three-of-a-kind, a player has the freedom to keep or exchange any virtual card of his. Just like what we have in conventional poker, the lower the probability of a particular combination, the bigger the payout the player gets.

Video Poker Strategy

Unlike the poker games in real life casinos, online video poker does not involve typical psychological gimmick between players such as bluffing, showing emotionless “poker face” to unbalance the next move of your opponent. This implies that mental skills can be beneficial. Good poker video strategy – knowing the right time to ‘hold em’ and the right time to ‘fold em’- can mean a lot to an online poker player who is disciplined. Video poker players should focus on two things at the same time: the total value of the card denominations in their possession and the chances of drawing new cards that will improve their hands. Another essential tip for a video poker player is to know how much bet to place in a game as this will determine the number of times he can play without having to deposit more money. Most times, it’s best to play with your winnings while also setting tight limits for bankroll management.


Video poker, just as its original name Poker Slots implies, combines slot games and poker. Like most slot machines, the playing of the game is done on an electronic screen, but you‘re faced with a poker hand instead of basic reels, rows, and paylines. You need to be familiar with how various poker hands work as you will be required to select which card to keep and the one you want to discard.

With that said, it’s a game that is very easy to play, so first-time players and beginners as well established pros who make use of a video poker strategy will find this game exciting. Similarly to the game of poker, the player gets five cards, you are then free to choose which card you will keep or discard. After those decisions, cards will be issued to you to replace the discarded ones. Payouts will be determined based on the quality of hand that you have left.

Just like the traditional poker game, there are a number of video poker types you can play. Each game type has their own rules, and you will need to be familiar with them as those rules, as well as the hand values, will have a direct impact on your eventual winnings. Some video pokers that come with progressive jackpot also exist and depending on the casino involved or the game itself; you could be looking at the possibility of hitting a million dollar jackpot.


Some of the variations are:


If you believe that you may find the idea playing various variants a bit cumbersome and just want to stick to one reliable one, then playing Jacks or Better Video Poker is all you need. If you have no previous experience playing video poker, you should get used to playing this one before trying out any other. This is unarguably the most popular video poker out there. It may also exist in some casinos as Draw Poker. To win this game, just as its name implies, you only need jacks or better for a payout.


This game is a variation of Jacks or better. The only thing that makes it different from jacks or poker is that you can get a bigger payout for four of a kind outcomes with faces and aces cards, hence the games’ name. It also makes use of a standardized 52-card deck just like in jacks and better. If you feel this is a game you want to try, go to our previous article on the subject to learn some winning combinations as well as the rules.


This is an exciting version of online video poker as it’s much easier to win, with deuces becoming a wild card. For you to strike a winning combination, they can be any other card in the typical 52-card deck. With this game, the payout isn’t the greatest, but if you are looking for just a little extra, then this is the game you should play.


Players who love to make use of the wild card will find this game exciting. This one makes use of 53-cards by adding the Joker instead of the 52 card offered by other video poker games. The Joker, in this particular variation, becomes the wild card, so with it, you can make a winning combination with the cards you are dealt. To learn more about this variation of video poker refer to our resource on the topic so you can equip yourself with all the great strategies.